About me:

I graduated in 2012 with a First Class Degree in Fine Art Painting from Liverpool John Moores University. I studied at St Helens College where I also completed the Diploma in Art and Design Foundation Studies in 2006.

During the AA2A residency I intend to produce a series of paintings and prints on the theme of landscape and alienation.

My work explores the relationship between urban existence and the emotional response to landscape. My paintings feature the house as a motif to describe the experience of existing within the landscape, yet feeling detached from it, not belonging and never feeling “at home”. In my most recent paintings I have introduced figures inspired by old snapshots of my family holidays, exploring my personal historical relationship to landscape. The figure in silhouette is a symbol rather than a specific individual, indicating faded memories and loss.

I visited Hope Creative Campus and spoke to tutors and students and was impressed with the facilities that Hope has to offer. I was offered a place on a Masters Degree at Hope but have decided to focus on developing my own practice at this time. At the moment I only have a small studio space and no access to a print studio. Also I often feel isolated. The AA2A programme will provide me with interaction with art practitioners and students, allow me to develop more ambitious work, give me access to a print studio and I believe will give me inspiration and direction to further develop my career.

The outcomes I wish to achieve are to produce a series of paintings and prints culminating in a small exhibition and presentation. I am confident using social media and writing about my work and I will create and update an AA2A blog in conjunction with my current blog. I welcome student interaction, such as question and answer sessions, informal discussions, studio visits and presentations.



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