Jane Domingos

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Location: Leicestershire

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Email: jane.domingos@gmail.com

Website: http://www.janedomingos.com

About me:

Since completing an MA in Art and Design Studio Practice I have been making predominantly large oil on canvas and submitting work to opens. I had work selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2011 and was selected to appear in the RA guide for young people.  I was also awarded prizes at the Nottingham Castle Open 2012 and was voted People’s choice for the Sock Exhibition 2012.  I had my first solo exhibition in spring 2013.  However, I feel my practice would benefit from a change of environment and some fresh imput as well as the chance to develop some processes that require specialist equipment.

Materiality, process and facture are integral to the expression of my themes. and along with visual tropes are used to add complexity and sophistication to the appearance of the two dimensional quality of the painted surface. The ritualization and predictability of human experience and emotionality interests me as does the degree to which visual metaphors, symbols and motifs of representational objects operate as signifiers or function as signified concepts. Essentially it is the ability of the human mind to transcend the physicality and fixed forms of the spatial and temporal world we inhabit that is core to my work.

The  AA2A scheme will provide me with the opportunity to relocate my practice base to the city facilitating exposure to a greater variety of cultural influences. This will benefit my wider research of painting in terms of nueroaesthetics. It will provide me with the facilities to develop areas of my practice such as working on a large scale and experimenting with photographic processes. It will provide an environment in which I can share my knowledge with less experienced artists, providing support where needed and benefitting from fresh feedback.   


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