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Website: http://www.jammienicholas.com

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I am an artist, some time curator, editor, writer and organiser, interested in the nuances of things. I studied a BA(Hons) Fine Art at Central Saint Martins from 2007-2010 and an MA art Praxis at the Dutch Art Institute from 2014-2016. I currently live in London and have exhibited across the United Kingdom, Europe, America and Indonesia.

Working simultaneously within a mixture of projects, which are predominately physical, online, or live in nature, these projects range from video, image making, sculpture, installation, performance, lectures to solely online projects. Currently I am looking to develop a body of research, based within my MA thesis research, into the various percepts and perceptions of the self, the earth, the world and the universe and how we understand them. This is primarily based in the (non-) philosophical work of François Laruelle and Claire Bishop’s understanding of the Anthropocene, specifically how we as (and yet not restricted to) humans, see and construct our realities that we perceive around us.

During my participation on the AA2A placement I will undertake and experiment with this body of work associated to the research of my thesis. The initial starting point will be to further develop a series of video works concerned with the relationship of the constructions of percepts of the self and how we see them. Recently this has taken the form of a 3 channeled, overlapping video projection where each video is drawn simultaneously from the digital constructs of red, blue and green, and percepts of the self, earth, and world. I would like to develop this material, incorporating and writing a concise script, which will enable the production of a new work.

Beyond a personal praxis development period, focused on scripting and experimenting with image and sculptural elements, I would relish the opportunity to engage with the student body, from my position of studying and practicing in the United Kingdom, Europe and further a field.

I am also excited to make use of links to creative resources within the University of Bedfordshire; living and working in London, I find the chance to expand my praxis very refreshing. The University of Bedfordshire has a vibrant art department, and I’m looking forward to connecting with the other artists and students.


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