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Location: Plymouth

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Email: info@jamiehouse.co.uk

Website: http://www.jamiehouse.co.uk

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I am passionate and adaptable artist and lecturer.  With 9 years’ experience as a internationally-exhibiting artist and 10 years’ experience as an educator in community and post-compulsory environments. Through experimentation, research and discovery, my art practice explores how memories are stored, shared and erased both physically and digitally using a variety of innovative drawing techniques and lens based media to produce immersive large scale installations.

My time as a resident artist at the University of Plymouth I will to research and expand upon my current body of work; “Convulsion Machine” which explores the use of an electrical drawing machine I have made in collaboration with a electrical engineer. This project explores the use of high voltages passed through human skin to treat severe depression through Electroconvulsive therapy (E.C.T) .I have mapped the treatment process of E.C.T in stages, each procedure being a drawing. The drawings are made from an electrical corona discharge creating images drawn with light on paper charged with 150,000 volts of electricity.

 The images produced visualise a cumulative charge of electricity people have undergone having E.C.T therapy over a period of time. I am using drawing as a conceptual strategy. I have produced  60 second electrical ”seizure”  drawings  relating  to the time a patient would be treated with a high voltage electrical charge causing the brain to seizure to treat severe depression.

I feel I am at the stage where I want to further my electricity “seizure” drawings using mult-channel video and sound immersive installations, and work with specialists in the university to help me achieve this.



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