Jamie Barnes

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Brief description: Printmaker making images about manmade structures

Location: Kendal, Cumbria

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Email: jamie@freelancecurator.co.uk

Website: http://www.jamiebarnesart.co.uk

About me:

I am a Freelance Curator and Printmaker based in the South Lakes. My printmaking is principally concerned with manmade structures: houses, buildings, townscapes and structures in the landcape. I have worked through a few different printmaking processes over the last 6 years from aquatint etching, drypoint and trace monotype. While at UCLAN I am currently learning more about etching.


For me all printmaking comes from drawing, which I love to do. I enjoy taking my love of line drawing and transforming it through the magic of printmaking processes.


My subject interest in buildings stems from a childhood connection to architecture and drawing sparked by my Dad who worked as an architectural draftsman and Building Inspector. My interest is partly technical and partly romantic. I am interested in the lines, shapes and details of architecture and engineering but also in the human stories which are played out within buildings. In my work I often leave lights burning inside the houses I depict. This is partly so I can imagine what is going on inside; the secret and silent dramas which any inhabited place contains.


In a formal sense I am seeking to focus my work down, trim out any extraneous traits and find the right printmaking technique for the right image. I want to build up a large body of work from which I can select an exhibition which satisfies the balance of representation, abstraction and intrigue that I am seeking.


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