James Lockhart

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Location: Chester

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Email: jlockhart21@gmail.com

Telephone: 07701037079

Website: http://jamesdlockhart.wordpress.com

About me:

My form of discourse is explained through a physical other, that physical other is an extension and explanation of myself. Whether this be in human form, a sculptural object or some kind of vehicle that provides an alternative voice.

The physicality of my oral language is only one way of communicating though I have decided that the observer must decipher their own informative decisions through the physical objectivity and technology I place in front of them. The last six hundred and nineteen days has brought me to this point in my artistic practice. A moment of realization that place is not always the defining factor but the action of movement has for me become the essence of who I am as an artist.

However, I have come to realize that the ‘place’ that I travel to everyday is starting to become less important as my focus has now turned to the action of doing. Movement is the key to my practice at this moment as I am travelling from place to place describing my surroundings as retinal distortions take place. Descriptive statements of fixed objects have now become more poetic along with the daily repetitive words of my routine stripped of place seem to somehow fit together. This constant cycle of routine therefore gives me the ability to be creative rather than being idle or static, which in turn dumbs down movement and thought.



Can't wait to get going at my new residency in Liverpool Community College 


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