Inès Lion

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Location: Cambridge

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Email: ines.lion@hotmail.fr

Website: http://www.ineslion.com

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Since 2010, I have been making audiovisual pieces that mix photography, sound, voiceover and sometimes video. Narrative is an important aspect of my work and I feel that this form, somewhere between slideshow and short-film, enables me to immerse the spectator in the story that is being told. In my overall artistic practice, I have been exploring the fine line between reality and fiction, as well as the disappearance of nature in favour of artificiality. My work always carries out some anxiety, and I am concerned by the end of a certain type of world.

A few months ago, I went to the Time and Tide museum, in Great Yarmouth. The contrast between the past of this town, formerly known as an attractive seaside resort and a major fishing port, and its darker present, between poverty and unemployment, really struck me. I photographed the streets illuminated by the numerous amusement arcades and took some static video shots of rubbish scattered across the beach, of the facade of an abandoned pub and of an industrial site.

I am planning to come back to the town to take further photographs and videos and may involve the Time and Tide museum as it is a beautiful example of what Great Yarmouth used to be. I wish to create a new piece that sits between documentary and fiction, past and present whilst interrogating the town’s possible future.

I am looking forward to discussing my project with the other artists, the students and possibly the tutors in order to improve my work and also learn about other practices.

I recently graduated from a Master’s degree and being part of this scheme could be an excellent way of developing my body of works. I think it could lead me to gain confidence and to try to participate in exhibitions. Throughout this residency, I intend to produce a new moving image piece of work and I particularly wish to refine the video side and take the time to achieve a high quality soundtrack.


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