About me:

Combining the mass produced and the unique is, for me, humorous and ironical and full of suggestion and contradiction.

I am interested in the process of reproduction (printmaking, digital media, collage, photocopies) and also by the theme of reproduction (with reference  to biotechnology, genetics, sex and consumerism). My work is also informed by  the ethical debate surrounding biotechnology and also the relationship between image and paper engineering.

Printed images and multiples enable a process of vulgarisation, undermine the obsession with originality, so that content becomes the primary concern. The repetition of the same imagery echoes our obsession with labels and brands as assurances of quality and also, paradoxically, echoes our fears provoked by images of cloning and other genetic interventions.


I am especially interested in the idea of the imperfect edition. Traditionally a printmaker is to be congratulated on his or her skill in producing a perfect edition. I have always found this to be a very mechanical approach; after the thrill of pulling the first few prints the process is predictable, a routine. To subvert the idea of an edition is exciting and a good metaphor for the paradoxical relationship between group identity and individuality.  In the natural world we are familiar with classification along the lines of type yet on reflection every single leaf on a beech tree, as well as being true to type, is distinctly different.


I often take my starting point from commercial packaging nets that I customise in terms of structure and scale. Individual structures can then become units in a giant construction set, with the potential for endless configurations and reworkings according to context.

 Installations often start out as small units, that grow, can be subjected to systematic modifications, and colonise the space.




August 2010 I have just heard that I have been elected Associate Member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen in the discipline of Paper 

I am currently collaborating with Anna Keleher, Geopark artist, on a research project in The Palm House at Torre Abbey, Torquay.

I shall be contributing laser cut workst to float on the ornamental pond,  for Meleager's Garland, a special one-day group exhibition in Lincoln on 31st May 2010, with a private view on the evening of 30th May 2010. The venue is the unique Sir Joseph Banks Conservatory, a glasshouse filled with botanical specimens from all over the world. The exhibition will operate as a kind of treasure trail or anthology of works, with pieces displayed amongst the trees and plants awaiting discovery.

Selected artists are working with ideas related to botany, artificiality, and wider issues of ecology and the natural world .A small publication will accompany the exhibition



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