Helen Brown

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Location: Birmingham

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Email: info@helenbrown.net

Website: http://helenbrown.net

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I graduated from the Fine Art course at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design in 2007, since then I have been developing my practice and became involved in starting up Grand Union, a project space and studio complex in Birmingham. My recent exhibitions and projects include Rotate, Contemporary Art Society, London; Narrative Show, Eastside Projects, Birmingham and Open Call, Grand Union.

My work explores methods of presentation, reception and interpretation of artworks. Looking at aspects of communication, perception and audience engagement, my recent work has explored the limitations of mass communication systems when used as platforms for communication and interpretation by galleries and as tools of critique by art critics and journalists.

I’m also interested in how a viewer’s interpretation and understanding of an artwork will be affected by various factors (e.g. cultural, contextual, where and how information is gained, etc), and when information about art is filtered or condensed by writers or gallery educators more layers come into play to affect this understanding.  My work is an attempt at using a ‘filtering’ system to make something new while still resonating with the original artwork or exhibition.


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