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Brief description: My current practice entails the selection of, and appropriation of objects, or units which are essentially by- products of an extended system of mass production. Transformations are introduced by means of facsimile through a casting/copying process. These processes are applied to either one particular unit or to a series of varied units of the same type.This process then establishes a more substantial enquiry into the identification of objects by the diffusion of scale and context. The apparatus of photography becomes a mode of enquiry and the camera, an apparatus, which further disrupts the reading of the object or its resulting image. In this case photography’s ability to assert itself as a representation is in question, although we remain fascinated by its language; in its ability to describe or encode complex sets of information.

Location: Exeter , Devon

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Email: sg.seaton@btinternet.com

Telephone: 07719266870

Website: http://www.gseaton.com

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The opportunity to gain access to the Sculpture and Photographic Studios  at Plymouth will assist me in the the production of a small body of work which endeavours to explore the relationship between photography and sculpture.  These experimental works and images will inform a series of ideas integral to the development  of a proposal for a practice based PhD entitled  ‘The Photograph as Object’ 


The aim is to produce a series of objects and images which will not only stand as a body of work in its own right but will also encourage a debate surrounding the role of the photograph ‘as an object’ but also as the ‘transmitter’, as the ‘product’ or translation of a studio construct or model.



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