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Brief description: I intend to use this unique opportunity as artist-in-residence to build a body of prints, using both Intaglio and monoprinting techniques that utilise the information I gather about the college environment. Through visits to different departments, my reference material will include photos and studies of the college buildings and the workings of the building. It would be my aim to convey the diverse nature of the study environment and to compose the finished works into a show

Location: Printmaking Department

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Email: info@georgiapeskett.com

Website: http://www.georgiapeskett.com

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My work focuses on the details of the 'everyday' world and it will be exciting to see what images may be arrived at within this new framework.

The aim would be to create a coherent body of prints, paintings, photographs and studies of the college and its working day, using everything that could be visually workable.

Interaction from the students at the college will hopefully aid this project as it evolves, please check back regularly for updates over the coming months.

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