Gabrielle Hoad

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Brief description: Artist working across drawing, sculpture and digital media

Location: Exeter

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Website: http://www.gabriellehoad.co.uk

About me:

I work across drawing, sculpture and digital media to test the limits of 'objective' observation and description. This includes a long-standing interest in the transcription of bird flight paths as a way of investigating perception and representation.

I’m currently working on an art/science research project, which extends my interest in embodied drawing into the digital realm. I'm collaborating with a researcher at the Royal Veterinary College's Structure & Motion Lab to visualise high-resolution data collected by free-flying birds carrying highly sophisticated data loggers.

Working with GPS and data visualisation is a new departure for me, enabling further pursuit of exactitude. The process, which combines data modelling with 3D printing, allows durational drawings in space (ie flights) to be accurately recreated as fixed objects. I'd like to use my time at Plymouth to reflect critically on this process, to contextualise the work and to gain feedback from the college community.

I see this as a period of open-ended practical and theoretical research, generating work and ideas aligned to the production of 3D printed models. The starting point is an examination of how, by breaking down phenomena into smaller parts (in this case point by point, second by second positional readings), we become aware of the gaps in our knowledge and the ‘being beyond’ even the most precise observation.

Actuality is when the lighthouse is dark between flashes […] It is the void between events.” George Kubler.



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