About me:

I graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Drama, Theatre & Performance Arts following training at Drama School - The Bridge Theatre training Company in London. I have attended courses in Acting for Film & Screen at RADA and Internation School of Screen Acting. Alongside my studies and work in the Arts, I have worked in Health & Social Care for many years undertaking various Manager/Senior Management across London and the West Midlands.

In addition to the Arts and Working with vulnerable people I am a qualified Teacher & Assessor and I have been graded 'Outstanding' in my delivery for Adult & Community Learning courses (against OFSTED standards) since 2012, delivering Creative and Personal Development workshops, courses and projects across Staffordshire & West Midlands for the past 5 years.

I set up a registered not for profit Community Interest Company in 2012 which has thrived so we now employ freelance artist/tutors and facilitators. The C.I.C has recently gone over the £1 million mark for achievement of Socia Value meaning for every £1 that was invested in us, £5.34 was created in Social Value, small company, big impact (consultancy undertaken by independent Socail Value Business organisation 2016/17) Some of my work with my current company includes:

Produced work

  • County Wide Esafety project with young people who devised and acted in short videos around staying safe on line
  • Behind Closed Doors - A film project with a group of over 65's living in Supported Living schemes who produced a short film over 12 weeks and also acted in the film which they then used in a devised workshop to educate others in supported living schemes.                  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Y73-n05gio 
  • They Can Work it Out was my first pilot project in 2012 for a group of local young people with varying needs / issues who produced a successful production around difficulties of getting into work for young people facing additional barriers. The achievement went above and beyond what I had hoped with some individuals enrolling into college (one now at University) and other setting up their own job club, several of the individuals now volunteer with our C.I.C and help us with specific training workshops.
Commissioned work examples:
  • Staffordshire Youth Offending Team educational perforrmance called 'Ricky's Journey' around Restoritive Justice performed as part of their AGM
  • My Identity part of a wider project for young males in partnership with National War Arboretum
  • Community Pantomime - For a group of young adults, devising and setting up a professional pantomime to perform within the community
  • Various Training workshops for organisations to cover issue based training for staff teams / volunteers
Workshops I have devised and delivered across Staffordshire:
  • Working with Actors / Acting for TV/Film - For 1st and final year Univeristy Students on both Media and Acting BA Hons courses
  • Working with Vulnerable People - Using interactive activities and role play actors to introduce people considering a career working alongside individuals with multiple issue to important areas such as professional boundaries, confidentiality, dealing with conflict etc. 
  • Creating Positive Environments - For local voluntary & community groups to tackle challenging behaviour and how to deliver a positive groups session.
  • Just the Job - Delivered to over 250 + individuals across staffordshire using creative ways to develop individuals personal skills when applying for employment and not simpley 'doing for them'. We have several success stories of people going into employment following our short JtJ courses.
  • Volunteering In Practice (VIP) delivered mainly to organisation/s for people in resettlement from rehabilitation prgrammes for addiction.                                                                                                  Including many more
Acting / Freelance work
I still keep my hand in developing my own personal dvelopment and work as a freelance actor, I have been working with an organisation for the last 3 years with short tours of schools with a workshop titled: 'Straight talking' which aims to encourage children talk to their parents about smoking in the home.
In additional to regular role play opportunities with my own C.I.C, I am about to portray a dissapointed police office for West Midlands Police force to train their staff members who are looking to go for promotion.
During my time on the AA2A scheme I am hoping to engage students in various personal development workshops as well as working alongside students wishing to pursue careers in Acting and Community Drama. I am hoping to explore and devise a short production about Men & Depression with a view to touring this to raise awareness about this topic using verbatim theatre and possibly incorporating voice overs from those with lived experience.

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