Frances Disley

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Brief description: I currently create work which challenges the media’s current negative stereotyping of young people. I take objects which I associate with teenagers often clothing and create sculptures from them which are drawn onto using stories and symbols. I would like to develop this work further and create some larger scale peices of work where possible smaller ceramic and plaster objects could be attached together to create something more elaborate. I would if possible like to use some of the students as models for the work which would simply be a case of me taking some quick photographs of willing volunteers. I am inflouenced by folk tales and stories and am currently using some chap book stories about young people and “Her Benny” as a starting point.

Location: Liverpool Community College

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Email: frances@francesdisley.com

Website: http://www.francesdisley.com

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I am a visual artist based in Liverpool specialising in drawing and print. I work from The Royal Standard where I am also a director. 


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