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For me, art practice is a way of being: a means to make sense of everyday experiences, life and living. Through my evolving practice I engage with less conscious modes of perception such as touch, hearing, memory, sense of time, atmosphere: when mind, body and world mutually interact and influence one another. Movement is a constant energy within my work, as are colour, myth and legend. I'm intrigued by the ancient hypothesis of 'Anima Mundi': the existence of the earth's soul (see my image albums with this title and 'New art growing') and I find C. G. Jung’s ideas of synchronicity, archetypes and the collective unconscious very compelling. 

I love to encourage other people’s imagination as well as my own, and to ask people to actively participate. My works often explore the slippage between past, present and future to reveal time as multi-layered rather than linear.  I embrace intuition and the opportunities of chance encounters to integrate items, materials or ideas, as they emerge with significance in the moment. I have used archival research, drawing and photography, digital manipulation, mixed media and textile processes to make pieces that combine artefacts, sound, static and moving imagery. 

I aim to continue making participatory artworks that reach out to the senses to heighten embodied awareness and connect to intuitive ways of knowing. As well as museum or gallery contexts, I am keen to trial art led activities outdoors in the rural landscape, the city, online and in other less traditional art spaces and places.

Being part of the AA2A scheme has brought access to an exciting ‘laboratory’ where I worked with others to trial relevant processes, techniques, imagery and materials. I have been able to add to my body of works, knowledge, experience, network and reputation to underpin the realisation of future projects. 



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