Fiona Candy

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Brief description: Artist engaging with less conscious modes of perception: touch, hearing, memory, sense of time, movement, atmosphere: when mind, body and world interact.

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Email: fionacandy@btinternet.com

Website: http://www.fionacandy.uk/blog

About me:

For me, art practice is a way of being: a means to make sense of everyday experiences, life and living.  I engage with less conscious modes of perception such as touch, hearing, memory, sense of time, movement, atmosphere: when mind, body and world interact. I actively embrace intuition and the opportunities of chance encounter to integrate items, materials or ideas, as they emerge with significance in the moment. I often use archival research, drawing and photography, digital manipulation and textile processes to make artworks and installations that invite people to participate. Movement is a constant energy within my work, as too are colour, myth and legend. I find Carl Jung’s ideas of the shadow, archetypes and the collective unconscious, very compelling.

AA2A placement at UCLAN will open up technical facilities and a stimulating, creative environment. I plan to build on activity to date that has related to concerns about anthropocentrism and perceptions of the separateness of nature and human culture. Influences include biosemiotics, animism, spiritual ecology and the esoteric. I’ve been reading widely and appreciate the work of David Abram, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Rudolf Steiner, Jane Bennett. 

I will work towards a new group of interrelated works in two and three dimensions, at different scales, using multi-media ‘collage’ techniques. This will mix durable and ephemeral materials that are surprising and provocative in their combination of qualities. I’ve trialed digital media in gallery and outdoor environments as ways of augmenting aesthetic experiences, and will continue to perfect this aspect of practice. 


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