Estefania Araujo Bianchi

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Email: earaujobianchi@gmail.com

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I am an Argentinian visual artist, based in London since 2009.  My practice is  multidisciplinary as it comprises drawing, printmaking, sculpture and photography; emphasizing photography, as my work places the photograph as the key element of the practice. It starts with an image, a photograph, an archive and examines them as documents,  looking  for  traces,  glimpses of information that lets us understand a certain moment in time, a particular culture or event. From a single image, a set of hand painted french postcards, the work of a forgotten architect in the middle of the Argentine pampas or  my own family archive, my work develops  as an investigation, a hunt of the past to understand the present.

By thinking of both photography and architecture as traces of history, the images and elements I work from are clues for a constant puzzle to understand ourselves, where by deconstructing and reassembling pieces I create my own narratives.

The process of making is relevant for the practice as by deconstructing and reconstructing the sources  I work from, I have found a way of filling the gaps of missing information and spaces where memory does not reach. By layering materials and images I reflect on the relationship between  memory, migration, land, and identification.

I intend to explore the relationship between image, printmaking and sculpture by creating new work and  rethinking the role of the archive/image as an official document versus the invented narratives produce of them.


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