Emma Davies

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Brief description: Multi-Disciplinary Artist

Location: Northamptonshire

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Website: http://www.emma-davies.com

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I am a multi-disciplinary artist that works across platforms including Participation, Performance, Live Art, Installation, Mixed Media, Constructions, Book Sculptures, Drawing, Painting, Theatre Devising and Design.  


In August 2017 I piloted a participatory project called ‘You Can’t Shake Hands With A Clenched Fist’. This project was born out of the frustration of style of modern debate – one that is driven through aggression, rather than out of respect, empathy or patience.  


The project involves a travelling installation that evolves through participation with the public. They are invited to have conversations in a safe space, with myself on a selection of topics. Their contribution is anonymous so they can honestly communicate how they feel. I transcribe these conversations onto wallpaper and participants are invited to make a protest poster based on a key phrase from their conversation. The last part involves hanging a piece of ceremonial washing in the form of abstract shapes suspended from string. 


The pilot demonstrated areas that needed to be re thought, so that the participation process could be smoother, the final installation more visually coherent and the possibility of including sound to create a richer experience. This residency will enable me to: design a simple process for poster making using print, print a small edition of my own posters, make wooden placards on which to paste posters and possibly make a couple of set pieces on which the work hangs and to record a re-enactment of the conversations, to create a soundtrack for the installation. 


This AA2A scheme will be invaluable for a couple reasons; being able to access specialist equipment to develop and push forward my practice and meeting and working with staff, students and visiting artists, to broaden and strengthen networking opportunities, critical feedback and cultural discussion.



- I work with Fermynwoods Contemporary Art as their CEA Education Curator and an Associate Educator. At Fermynwoods Contemporary Art we celebrate our 20th anniversary this year (2018). As part of the celebrations, every week, we have a #FermynwoodsFriday blog post which reflects on a Fermynwoods event during the last 20 yrs. Each post written by a staff or board member, artist or a member of the public. This week was my turn, you can see it here. The event was one of our #FreeExchange talks, presented by Autistic Artist Susan Kruse and psychologist David Walton and was called 'Art, Brain and Behaviour'.

- On 5th November, I hosted and exhibition of the work produced by the participants at the Big Draw Event. Lots of people came and it was brilliant to see the local community come out and support an event that hasn't been held in their community before.

Visitors were able to watch a film of day, which incorporates time lapse footage of the work produced.

- On Sunday 22nd October, I hosted a Big Draw 2017 'Living Lines' event in Geddington Northamptonshire.

The day was absolutely fantastic, with many visitors attending - fellow artists, non artists, 'I can't draw'-ers, very young, young, senior and canine alike. Over the next few weeks I shall add further information, reviews and images. 






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