Ellie Doney

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I am a sculptor whose work with a range of materials explores the nature of materiality and transformation. I have been cooking up ideas for some new work through experimentation and collaborative research with another artist, Dr. Hannah Drayson, based in Plymouth.

The project has begun under the name of Temper, and broadly explores matter and emotion, through observing the behaviour of stuff, and making/using sensing instruments. To temper something is to mix it, to modify and control, but temper might also refer to the bodily humors of Greek and Medieval medicine. It also refers to the state a material is in, the hardness, malleability, flexibility or brittleness, caused by its inner structure. We are chasing some slippery ideas/things that will blossom into some devices/sculptures.

Working at Plymouth will enable us to develop these ideas together, and allow me to fluidly materialize them in the studio, with access to all the making facilities available in one place.

It is a treat to be able to spend time experimenting in well-equipped workshops. I am also very keen to take advantage of the library and lecture programme while I am there to further research this project, and to further develop the ideas through conversation and contact with students and staff at the University.



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