Eleni Zolia

AA2A artist

Brief description: Jewellery meets Sculpture

Location: Birmingham

AA2A college:

AA2A Year (eg: 2006-07):

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Email: eleni.zolia@zoliajewellery.co.uk

Website: http://www.zoliajewellery.co.uk

About me:

Is jewellery a form of sculpture or sculpture can be jewellery?

This is the question my work revolves around. Wearable pieces of sculpture with an eccentric and quirky essence are turned into unconventional pieces of jewellery. Fluid, futuristic curves get combined with angles. Pop and surrealistic details are added, too. All of these elements create the unique signature.  

During the residency, through the development of my knowledge and skills, the access to appropriate equipment and the interaction with like-minded people, I will take my work a step further. I will create objects, sculptures, paintings or combinations of both, that will be relevant to my existing jewellery collections and they “recreate the world” each collection comes from. In my work, there is a strong relation between an art piece and a valuable product like jewellery. So I aim to visualise and communicate this relation in a direct and effective way.



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