Dillan Marsh

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Location: Studio 410, USF Verftet, Georgernes Verft 12, 5011 Bergen

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Website: http://www.dillanmarsh.com

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I live in Bergen, having received an MA in Visual Art from KHiB in 2011. My methodology is to collect material, from this collection new forms can emerge. The work can bring disparate but connected elements into dialogue and a process of mapping is set in motion. A tension can be arrived at and potential new scenarios may be triggered. I am often concerned with the actions and origins of making. Since 2013 I have additionally been collaborating with Eleanor Clare. We began by exploring how text and practical work affect the development of each other, and how the more reflective nature of the research process is interwoven with the driving force of art making.


I plan a new body of work in Sheffield taking the fairground as a starting point. My interest revolves around the element of carnival and the occasion to turn the world upside down, to celebrate, show off, get together and make a noise. Fairs go back to a time when we were governed by the seasons and a cycle of work followed by idleness, plenty then poverty; burn the old and welcome the new. There is also an element of spectacle and putting on a show, bright lights loud music along with the physical, sensational experience of being on a fair ride; the fear and the excitement. Fairs are very seductive in a way that I think is reflected in the commercial and corporate world and have their origins in exchange and trade. I would like to connect these things to the process of making and exhibiting art: a cycle of building, exhibiting and then destroying, feeling high and low, commerce and tradition, glamour and dirt, intense activity and then stillness.


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