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Brief description: I am a conceptual artist and engineer whose multi-media practise alludes to communication technologies of the past bought to the present through collaboration, installation and interaction. I create sculpture, prints or installations which are imbued with a sense of past. Recent installations 'Radio Dials' (digital print with interactive sound) and 'Typographia' (projections with live performance) recalls the beauty, innovation and functionality of the technology with affection and wonder. My fascination with materiality, code, text and communications is informed by my previous engineering career.

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Email: dianasj62@yahoo.co.uk

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I am an artist, engineer and part-time art teacher based in Cambridge. I have a BSc(Electronic Engineering),a BA Fine Art (Royal Academy of Art, Netherlands) and a MA Printmaking. I have lived in worked in Australia, America, Netherlands, and the UK and these influences have undoubtedly inspired my practice. I have my own studio, teach Digital Art at a secondary school and provide bespoke art tuition and workshops for all ages and abilities.

My art practice explores communications-based technology interpreting the beauty and narrative of the analogue through a remixing of old with the new through installation, interaction, technology and sculpture. I work cross discipline and the choice of media is informed by subject matter. I am a conceptual artist. People are invited to participate in in the work  durng creation and when it is exhibited.

For my print with sound installation ‘Radio Dials’ (2012), visitors used their body position to access pre-recorded radio memories, akin to tuning into an analogue radio. My work re-engages with the historic but reinterprets it. I wish to explore defunct technology differently, engaging audiences beyond the art milieu, inviting them to wonder, be curious and to engage with the unexpected subject matter.

For this artist residency, I will develop a new version of ‘Typographia’.  This will be a second interpetation of this art installation which was recently premiered on Oct 3, 2013. This kinetic installation references the visual languages of hot-metal type composition using digital and analogue equipment incorporating sound and projected images in a shifting composition of code, abstraction, archive footage, typography and sound. This residency provides collaborative and inspirational opportunities to work with creative people onsite in a 'cross- discipline' environment and invite them to be part of my work. I see this as a mutually beneficial residency sharing my passion and enthusiasm and skills with others as well.


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