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printmaking, wood, metal, casting, carving, glass, ceramics, textiles, digital media, photography

All the AA2A placements have access to the Lending library, Lecture programmes and the University community and negotiated access to the collections of the Derby Museums Trust

Location: Faculty of Arts, Design and Technology, Markeaton Street, Derby, DE22 3AW

This year's AA2A artists:

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Coordinator: Jayne Falconer

Email: j.falconer@derby.ac.uk

Telephone: 0133 259 3113

Website: http://www.derby.ac.uk

More artists images: http://www.aa2a.org/colleges/derby

More about our institution and our AA2A scheme:

Our AA2A scheme aims to give access from October to April

The Univesity is hosting AA2A's Enhanced Employability support package for students 

    'Making it out there' digital information pack listing support organisations
    Presentation promoting Self-employment as a career option
    'Engage' database of past AA2A artists prepared to host students visits

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