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Email: deborah_s_hall@hotmail.com

Website: http://www.deborahhall.org.uk

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My broader practice combines contemporary issues with Baroque ideas of tactility, mortality, emotions, the senses, motion and space.  These themes continue to run through my work but recently they have manifested in a 2 D rather than a 3 D way. Instead of encouraging viewers to walk around and inhabit a large scale sculptural environment, I am now focussing on small scale prints, which engage the viewer in a different but similarly intense way.

I am interested in combining the use of digital technology with older techniques of printmaking, for example, photo-etching uses contemporary digital imagery but reproduced in a time-honouredprocess giving it a distinctive quality. The prints have a robust quality of line but maintain the delicate fragility of the subject matter.  I particularly like the photo-etching process as the final image results in a more tactile print, having been etched and printed by hand, as opposed to a computer generated digital image.  I think that the print qualities, the texture of the paper and ink, engage the viewer.  I aim to produce prints that are morecontemplative images with a darker underlying message.

The opportunities provided by AA2A at Coventry University will enable me to focus on developing and extending my printmaking skills and techniques and also to research the theoretical issues which underlie my work.  It will allow me the time and space to explore the possibilities of printmaking which in itself will throw up new challenges and outcomes.  I will be able to extend my skills with digital technology so that I can manipulate the images which I produce for photo-etchings.   I would like to use the opportunity to make editions of prints which I will be able to use in future exhibitions, auctions and print exchanges.









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