David Symons

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Location: Lidgate, Suffolk

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Email: home@davidsymons.org

Website: http://www.davidsymons.org

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About me:

I employ experimental techniques to make Cliché Verre prints, this is a process driven method of creating imagery.

It involves making hand made large format negative plates that are created in the artist’s studio, using a variety of transparent and translucent material and media.

In the colour darkroom the plates are assembled in particular order, the aperture and filters are set, and the C Type paper is exposed and developed.

There are three stages to this process, and at each stage I am unaware of the actual outcome, so a process of chance and accident is an important factor. This is drawing with light.

I take inspiration from drawings of found imagery, computer manipulated drawing as well as hand drawn lines, shapes and patterns.

I am an award winning community artist with experience preparing and running workshops and residencies with local communities, schools, colleges, hospitals and youth centres. I am an arts consultant with nearly five years experience of managing public art commissions in Wales. I teach life drawing, painting, set design and water colour to adults in evening class situations. I have been a member of an arts group that regularly exhibits and I have curated a five year rolling exhibition program in a large cafe / restaurant in Swansea.


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