David Gasi

Previous AA2A artist

Brief description: Creative practitioner operating between Graphic Design / Art / Research

Location: Sheffield

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Website: http://davidgasi.com

About me:

My background is in graphic design, where I work with a clear, direct approach to visual communication. I am a future-oriented individual and live at the intersection of design, art and critical thinking. I’m particularly interested in communication, media discourse, publishing and the relationship between word and image.

I’m currently exploring a range of contemporary cultural/political/social themes. My contextual/theoretical position is informed by Roland Barthes (Myth) and Jacques Derrida (Deconstruction).

I believe that the ideas and craft of visual communicators can be used to create thought-provoking pieces of work that attempt to critique the present and project speculative visions of the future. My creative practice during this residency will investigate the ideas above, producing printed matter such as publications, zines, posters, postcards, photography and potentially experimental bound editions.

I look forward to using the facilities and equipment at SHU, which will allow me to explore processes and produce outcomes that are currently out of my grasp. Also, I'll take advantage of access to the library and conversations with students, staff, researchers and other practitioners, to help explore and influence the development of my work and ideas.

Potential outcomes are the creation a body of work throughout the access period, which could then be displayed or exhibited either physically or digitally. I’m interested in the possibility of undertaking future academic research (especially practice based) for which these outcomes and lines of enquiry could form a basis. There could also be potential for this work to develop into an inclusive independent publishing platform.


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