David Henckel

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Brief description: Painter, Printmaker, Musician.

Location: Preston

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Website: http://davidhenckel.com

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About me:

My work is informed by the personality of everyday objects. Through a playful process of sampling and automatic drawing I combine elements of vegetation, science fiction, furniture, architecture, vehicles and other stuff to create characters and forms with absurd and comic tendencies. Continual invention and humour is important to me and I enjoy the challenge of creating new characters based on a loose set of rules.

Whilst on the AA2A scheme I am intending to make a series of screen prints based on these drawings. I am particularly interested in combining different methods of mark making within a piece of work. And intend to use authographic marks, hand painted stencils, photographic halftone based on 3D models and computer generated forms/vector drawings.




currently making sculptures from shaving foam to provide refrence material for screenprints.


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