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I am interdisciplinary artist who has just relocated to Plymouth. It is an exciting time to arrive in the city and I am delighted to have taken a studio at KARST.

I describe my work as a spatial practice, an exploration of body-site-text relations through sculptural installation, performance and book works. I put a variety of materials to work (including my body), testing their possibilities and limits to support and encourage my conceptual enquiries. These currently coalesce around The Fold, encompassing architecture, materiality, time, repetition, layering and the transformative.

Participation in the AA2A scheme will give me the opportunity to work in Plymouth University’s printmaking, sculpture, textile and ceramic workshops to enable me to develop and test a series of new prototypes in cloth, rubber, clay and paper. Using these as the focus for a peer review session I then hope to begin full-scale production of a new body of sculptural and photographic documents informed by my curiosity with materials and how they behave.  

Conversation and cross-disciplinary exchange are crucial elements in my process of making and I collaborate with groups/individuals across diverse fields of art and science to produce new works for public art contexts, museums and galleries nationally and internationally. I show my work as a solo artist but also in on-going cross-disciplinary collaborations with Emma Cocker, Jan Steinum (Norway) and the Performance Re-enactment Society, which I co-founded in 2007 for investigating the problems and potential of performance and it's documents with projects shown at Arnolfini, Spike Island (Bristol), FlatTimeHouse, South London Gallery (London), Gagosian Gallery (New York)



The Droppers - OSR Projects, West Coker, Somerset  30th April 2016

Invited by Andy Webster & Darren Ray to participate in the Counter Culture Drop event.

This Project is inspired by Bernofsky & Richet’s ‘Drop City’ artist settlement in 60′s Colorado. Today Webster & Ray are creating a space (a new geodesic structure) in and around which to explore collaboration, collectivity and counter culture through food, performance & readings.

As I can’t be there physically I will be posting two instructional performance works to be opened, read and completed by the audience during the event. I will be inviting participants to undertake ‘Unfurl After Alison Knowles’ and a new, second action inspired by Ray Mears and a sweat lodge! 

The Droppers

Performance Reading
Hardwick Gallery, Cheltenham
21st January 2016
To support the launch of Patrick Lowry's latest solo exhibition 'Surveillance' I will be reading from 'Drone Theory' Gregoire Chamayou's poignant and sharply argued polemic against US drone warfare. For more information about the launch programme featuring Chris Woods, author of Sudden justice: America's Secret Drone Wars, and Theo Price of Cobra Res, an artist group that mirrors meetings of the British Government’s emergency response committee, COBRA click here.



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