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Through AA2A I aim to develop the scale and ambition of my intervention works using Salford's innovative Create@Salford space, linking up with students who work in disciplines complementary to my own and connecting with Salford's international relations to realise these projects in new locations.  The two works I wish to develop are 'Tearing Space Apart' and 'Motus:Immotus'



A series of video cameras look out into the Lowry Shopping Centre.  These are connected to projectors, which show the image on rice-paper screens.  The public see themselves reflected in the image as they go about their business.  The artist's shadow is visible, wielding a paintbrush.  She picks an unsuspecting member of the public and diligently follows their hand, head, shoulder, foot or other body part as they move.  The marks made document this transient population; if they stop to watch, the line waits and the ink bleeds; when they bend down to tie their shoelaces the line follows; and the artist waits for moments when someone purposefully changes their habitual movements - interacting with the line and becoming the artist for a brief moment.


Tearing Space Apart

This is a new direction of work, inspired by the chance processes of John Cage and the zen gardens of Japan.  A room is covered with newspaper.  A process of destruction takes place, with the newspaper being torn into pieces - randomly, but methodically, with each piece being numbered and catalogued.  Once the temporary covering has been removed, the fragments are selected and placed within the space using a chance method.  Each one is outlined a predetermined number of times like ripples in a pool.  A drawing emerges across the walls of the space. Random, yet ordered. Busy, but peaceful. Destructive yet creative. A drawing and at the same time a space to experience.


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