About me and my involvement in AA2A:

Hello, you can call me Chris or CJ (or whatever) for short. I'm a wierd, odd and an eccentric kind of person, with humour that doesn't neccessarily appeal to everyone. But, I'm generally a friendly and entertaining guy to hang around with and talk to. As far as my interests go, I love to draw, paint, take photos and use my graphics tablet to make all sorts of art and illustrations.

I previously studied Fine Art and Creative Media Production courses at college (5 years total) before I finally decided what I wanted to do with my life.

I'm now studying Fine Art & Illustration so I can become a comic book illustrator and run my own studio for a career. I'd also like to expand my passions to concept art, fashion illustrations and gallery exhibitions, as I would rather not pigeonhole my interests into one specific subject.

I applied to be a student rep for the AA2A scheme so I could connect with fellow artists and illustrators, make friends and ultimately involve myself in extra curricular activites related to art. Being a student representative for Coventry will help me improve my confidence when speaking to groups, as well as push myself in terms of managing projects and creating artworks. As well as that, I'm hoping I can improve my social skills on a whole and build on my foundations in art and illustration. I would like to connect to a wider audience for personal and professional benefits on a whole.

Aside from Art & Illustration, I enjoy listening to music, playing video games, practicing with my guitar, training in martial arts, blogging and reading.


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