Chris Meigh-Andrews

AA2A artist

Brief description: video artist, historian and writer

Location: Benham Studios, Cuckoo Farm, Boxted Road, Colchester CO4 5HH

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Email: meighandrews@btinternet.com

Telephone: +44 (0)78 55954298

Website: http://www.meigh-andrews.com

About me:

I work with lens-based media, moving image, sound and light. I am fascinated by the flow and flux of energy and time and it’s complex interrelationship to human thought and perceptual processes. I am also concerned about the physical context of the work. The location or site is important, and this can and often does relate in some way to the history or cultural significance of place. In response to the site or context, my works most often take the form of site-specific installation, video projection or gallery sculpture, or a combination of these approaches. My installations, sculptures and projections have often incorporated renewable energy systems which seek to establish direct relationships or connections to the natural and the constructed or architectural environment, and this includes the potential interaction and interdependence between the actual, the perceptual and the virtual worlds.

Whilst at Anglia Ruskin university I plan to develop a new series of single-screen and installation moving image and sound works. I intend to extend my current gallery-based works as well as develop potential on-line work(s). In relation to my ideas for this new series of video and sound projects, I am particularly interested in the opportunity to produce work for the large plasma screen installed in the Ruskin gallery.

I would greatly value the opportunity to make both formal and informal presentations about my work, ideas and approach to students and staff. I enjoy the prospect of engaging with new artists and the potential for new knowledge, discussion and debate, which I feel is possible within the art school context. I am also particularly interested in exploring the potential of the digital gallery format.



Will be giving a talk about my work and influences on March 7th @ 2PM at ARU in Coslett 117


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