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Without the large space and the equipment the College can offer, I would be unable to realise my project. I therefore  welcome the opportunity to develop my ideas for producing large - scale felt   


These ideas emerged on completion of a researched MA, in which I investigated  hand felt making, and how this ‘soft’ material through shrinkage and manipulation could  produce small sculptural forms more usually associated with ‘hard’ materials. Some of these forms were developed into jewellery, and wrapped with metal. 

During the practical sampling processes which underpinned that work, I became interested in colouring and applying various surface treatments to the felts, and am now keen to re-visit, and develop  some of those techniques. I aim to work on a much, much larger scale, using practical techniques and dye  treatments which can be applied to the fibres at various stages in the process,  including application to finished pieces.

I would also like to sample the fibres’ capacity for embellishment using the needle felting machine, and surface interventions of hand stitch and cutting.


The Aesthetic for this project has much to do with the colour and appearance of the Yorkshire landscape – huge skies, which form a constantly changing backdrop to its gentle undulations and broad sweeps.

I would like to produce at least one large flat piece and three large sculptural pieces which are interpretive of this theme.


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