Charlotte Morrison

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Brief description: Womanhood and gender issues. Making some of the unheard and unseen visible through arts.

Location: Anglia Ruskin University

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Email: Charlotte.Morrison@anglia.ac.uk

Website: http://www.charlotteartworld.com

About me:

My work as an artist is influenced by my background in psychology as I visually explore multiple narratives of the person within different contexts. I am interested in notions of identity and the factors that influence our sense of self. 

More specifically, I undertake projects and make collections of work in print, ceramics and kiln formed glass – often exploring contrasting perspectives and experiences of the person. I am particularly interested in how medical, personal and cultural perspectives impact on our sense of identity.

While exhibiting I also collaborate on a regular basis with other professionals – particularly with the focus of exploring and expanding connections between arts and science.

The particular focus during the AA2A is on the topic of Womanhood and gender issues. The starting point is a short-term residency in a community based art setting where I will be gathering narratives on Womanhood in a variety of ways - while based in a caravan. I am interested in silent voices and hidden bodies - and my aim for the AA2A is for some of the unheard and unseen to be made visual through arts.





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