Charis Jones

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Location: Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

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Email: charis@sculptedsteel.co.uk

Website: http://sculptedsteel.co.uk

About me:

As an artist blacksmith, I have been frustrated by the difficulty in bringing more colour into my work; painting steel tends to detract from the texture provided by the forging process and can cheapen the overall finish of the work. I want to explore new ways of introducing colour through the use of other materials; eg.Textiles, enamelling, ceramics etc. I want the work to become a cohesive piece rather than one material framing or supporting another.

Experimenting with new materials and processes involves using new equipment which can prove really expensive. Having the opportunity to use the University facilities means I can discover the best techniques before I invest in new equipment.

Having somewhere separate from my workshop to develop new work will also help me find a new perspective and allow me to concentrate on experimenting. I am at a stage where the need to make money hinders my creativity. Having a space and project free from the necessity of producing for profit will encourage a refreshed creative outlook.

At the end of the project I intend to have developed a whole new body of work, drawing on my existing experience but with new skills, materials and fresh outlook. I plan to hold a solo exhibition at the end of the scheme, whether at the university or another gallery in the city, to showcase the new work.


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