About me and my involvement in AA2A:

Hi all!

My Name is Chanté Timothy, an Idealistic, Ambitious, Do-er.

Nope, I'm not French just named after a singer (ironic as I couldn't sing to save my life).

I am currently an Illustration and Graphics second year deciding what I want to do after I graduate.  I’d love to sell my artwork as prints and posters and maybe even custom designs for well anything mugs, tote bags, t-shirts you name it merchandising my work would be fun and I have a hidden interest in fashion prints ( William Morris, Gustav Klimt, … Art Nouveau love it..). I’d also like to work in a team in a Graphic Design agency but not sure if I could have the both.

I hoped to have AA2a help me to understand new ways of thinking about art. How others express themselves through art, and to possibly be exposed to new cultures and new styles.  I hope to be able to establish a network of artists who I can discuss work with and understanding their trials and errors of their careers so far and to obtain guidance on my prospects of being an artist. I expect this scheme to give me motivation to keep pursuing my ideal role and what hurdles I may face.


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