Catriona Stamp

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Brief description: Artists and altered books, paper sculpture, sound and 3D installations, guided walks.

Location: Halton, near Lancaster

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Email: catriona(at)artistsbooks.org

Website: http://www.artistsbooks.org

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About me:

 My practice includes installations (both sound and three dimensional), prints and handmade and altered books. My work often examines human interaction within natural and built environments, particularly in local settings and has included an understanding of the traces left by history in the present. These locations include an urban park, a derelict factory, and a local river.

In all my work, the choice of medium and approach is determined by research into the subject matter, which leads to a variety of interpretive methods, each one tailored to the topic. The materials used may also be site-specific, and have included wood, plastic or litter collected from the site itself, as well as photographs, maps, and archival materials. Grounding the work in the material aspect of each site adds another dimension to my own and the audience’s intellectual understanding and emotional engagement with the site and the theme.

My most recent work (Dis)Placement; altered maps turned into paper sculptures. This work is firstly an exploration of the resonances between land (represented by maps) and clothes – in that both surround us and to some extent define us, providing us with recognisable identities, whether these are first or second-hand. The initial theme is the issue of settlement and belonging, versus forced or chosen migration and transience. The subject itself is so vast that a focus is needed, provided in this case by concentrating on the Jewish diaspora. The stories of Jewish presence in each area is hand written onto the paper sculptures. While the work is based on the experiences of one group of people, it also contains an implicit reflection on anyone’s place within a given landscape and how that can change over time.

I have worked with several different communities on important local issues eg with teachers, parents, and children on the closure of a nursery school, with volunteer litter collectors concerning beach litter, and with a park friends’ group on their feelings about changes to the park.

I have an MA in Fine Art (Site and Archive Intervention) 2010 and my artist books belong to the Tate Modern and several university library collections.




Current exhibition at the Harris Gallery, Preston is on until 22 September 2012, and includes '(Dis)Placement' , 3D scultures of clothes made from maps, and 'The Many Shapes of Leaves': The infinite variety of the real rather than idealised perfection - pressed leaves (park users’ favourites) are assembled on cotton, the designs inspired by – and in counterpoint to – Horrocks fabric designs of 1860 – 1910. To commemorate the historical connection between Horrocks and Miller Park, I have drawn inspiration for the hangings of cotton cloth and pressed leaves from fabric designs used by Horrocks between 1860- 1910. The use of real leaves from the park challenges the perfection of nature implicit in the creation of both Victorian parks and stylised fabric design.


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