About me:

I am inspired by history, decay, cycles, nature, meaning and symbolism. Alchemy is a central theme in my work and I explore this through a number of processes.

My work explores old, discarded metal objects that are themselves traces of what has already lived and is now in a state of decay. Whether the metal objects are found, new, old or used, they already come with associated meanings. Through experimenting, constructing and transforming these materials brings a new perspective and life to these objects.

Abstract drawings show my obsession with the components of alchemy; how metals are made and what is hidden from the naked eye. Studying various metals closely and observing the lines and shapes translates into these abstract forms.

I am fascinated by the idea of the classic elements and their associations with the alchemical process. Through my work earth, air, fire and water are highlighted to remind us of their presence and constant effect on everything around us.

Based at Arena Studios, Liverpool.


Best British Student Artist July 2012 'My Place on The Isle, Exploring Faith & Identity' Mica Gallery

Group Exhibitions

2014 'Liverpool Open' 22nd - 21st June, Editions Gallery, Liverpool

2014 'Liverpool Art Fair' 22nd - 25th May, The Gallery, Liverpool

2014 'Home' 17th - 19th June, Bridewell Studios and Gallery, Liverpool

2014 ‘Colonize’ 4th - 26th April, Dykeman Young Gallery, Jamestown, New York

2013 'Clandestine' 17th - 27th October, The Williamson Tunnels, Liverpool

2013 'Order and Chaos' 16th - 6th July, The Art Gallery, Liverpool

2013 ‘Flesh’ 22nd - 29th May, The Crypt Gallery, Euston, London

2013 'Possible Impossibilities' 18th - 31st May, Bridewell Gallery, Liverpool

2012 ‘Showcase Cities’ November, Rich Mix, Shoreditch, London

2012 'My Place on The Isle, Exploring Faith & Identity' 30th July - 8th September, Mica Gallery, Sloane Square, London

2012 ‘Social Morphologies’ 5th - 30th March, The Lloyd Gill Gallery, Weston-Super-Mare

2011 ‘TAR ART’ Degree Show, The Open Gallery, Liverpool


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