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I will use my time as artist in residence to develop two projects, ‘Wilderness’ and ‘The days are falling’.  In ‘Wilderness’ (2011- ) I have created small-scale constructed landscapes depicting nocturnal forest scenes which explore the uncertainty of future world events and man’s insignificance. The work is informed by the poetic symbolism of global creation myths and ancient forest folklore.  In my work I attempt explore the inherent magical qualities of a photography and depict a world that floats between reality and fantasy, between believable spaces and sites of make-believe. ‘The days are falling’ (2011-12) is a photography and moving image project that documents the last leaves to remain the naked winter brances of local trees.

This residency would allow me access to both the analogue photographic equipment to capture the work and also to the digital technologies necessary to process and digitise the images.  My work relies on access to many types of equipment, which over the years has hindered my practice.  The AA2A scheme at Camberwell would ensure regular access to equipment and facilities to help me develop and complete these two projects.  I would also enjoy the contact, ideas exchange and ongoing dialogue with current students and the technical and academic staff at the college.  This residency would give me the time and specialist space required to develop my work.

I aim to complete the two projects by the end of the academic year.  Resulting in an exhibition with the other three AA2A participants.




DETOURS - AA2A final show

Wimbledon Space

2 - 25 May 2012


Laura Braun and Carolyn Lefley - AA2A interim show

Camberwell College of Art Library

5 - 23 March 2012



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