Caroline Dalton

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Brief description: As a self directed freelance agent my work progression to date has been distinct and I have gained expertise firstly as a Theatre Arts practitioner- specialising in design before re-directing my interests and qualifications towards Fine Art in 2004:- focussing on Sculpture and Making : developing to advance my own personal research, and understanding of contemporary visual arts in practice.

Location: North Cumbria

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Email: carolinedalton1@hotmail.com

Telephone: 07856820680

Website: http://carolinedalton.blogspot.com/

About me:

I began my career working in Theatre having studied firstly at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London: developing expertise as a Set Designer, prop-maker and scenic artist, and after many years working in this industry I decided to re-direct my focus towards Fine Art in research - so took up further studies at the Cumbria Institute of the Arts.

Now I create Objects and explore ‘Making’ in progress, transferring my skills to a wide range of differing contexts: ranging from making large Public Art pieces to producing work for Exhibition, Theatre  or working as an Artist Educator.  In the main my work sets out to research ‘Sculpture’ where I employ use of wide ranging materials and combine thinking as both fine artist and theatre designer in order to consider a dialogue with ‘place’ or environment: aiming to investigate our own human interaction with our Surroundings both in happening and effect.  So the objects that I aim to create seek to draw influence from the Real before being reinvented and put back into the surroundings within which they will be sited - leading to a broader exploration of the sculptural object in terms of ‘concept’, ‘materiality’ and ‘context’ or the site specific.

I also am a lead instigator of Arcade Arts based in North Cumbria - an artist-led group specialising in Arts in Empty spaces.












































































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