Carol Adlam

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Brief description: 'Artist Link' with access for 2016-17

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Website: http://www.caroladlam.co.uk

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I work as an author-illustrator and printmaker, and have a long-standing interest in narrative art. 

My AA2A project is a set of 10 large-scale prints called ‘Lost Pages from Untold Graphic Novels’. As both a printmaker and an illustrator specialising in a graphic novels I am intrigued by the possibility of bringing the two forms together. Large-scale single pages (offered as ostensibly from a set of longer ‘untold’ stories) would unite the narrative properties of panel-based, sequential images in a format that invites detailed reading and looking into the piece.

Intaglio techniques offer a way for me to inscribe detail and complexity in an image, while also allowing for an appreciation of the page as a tangible object with compelling physical properties. I am fascinated by the accidental and mysterious qualities of marks in prints, and by the way in which drypoint and etching give a subtlety of tonal range that cannot be achieved in pen and ink.

The content of the ‘Lost Pages’ comprises 10 story snippets, written by me, in a set of familiar genres (folklore, detective fiction, science fiction, epic, true crime, reportage, comedy, lyric, tragedy, and childrens’ comics), all asking questions about the ways in which different genres are constructed visually.


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