Bonnie Craig

Previous AA2A artist

Brief description: Visual artist working mainly with pattern

Location: Lancaster

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Email: hellopatterns@gmail.com

Website: http://www.bonnie-craig.com

About me:

I am a surface pattern artist and designer living in the north west of England. My work reimagines the ideas behind traditional pattern design in a contemporary setting using screen-printing, collage, installation, photography and digital print. I take inspiration from what’s around me and enjoy producing pattern that responds to something specific, such as a place, building, book or piece of music.  


I completed an MA in Surface Pattern and Textiles at the University of Central Lancashire in October 2014. Over the course of my MA I developed a unique style and way of working that investigates the tension and balance between order and disorder in pattern design. Process is a key element of my work – I create rules and systems for the components in my designs, and then experiment with breaking these rules, testing the boundaries between strict, ordered designs and random, unexpected ones. Documenting this process, and the final set-up of my work, produces photos and videos that give context to the final piece and enable me to distribute my work online and in print.


In September 2014 I completed a month-long residency creating site-specific pattern installations inspired by the architecture of a Grade II listed building, the Nan Tait Centre in Barrow-in-Furness. 


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