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My work explores  identity and belonging. Using pattern, mark and repetition to build up layers, patterns and textures. The resulting paintings and objects are cross pollinated hybrids, saturated in textures and mark which, on closer inspection, reveal both African and European influences a legacy of my multicultural background.

I try to include in my work the motifs of tribal identities, fetishes, scarification, textiles and landscapes of two continents: bringing them together to create paintings, prints, textiles and sculptures that draw heavily from; the influences of my African and European heritage as well as the distinctive cultures and tribes that surrounded me during my childhood. I hope to examine this cultural dualism and my multi-cultural identity and in doing so articulate the sense of cultural displacement and not quite belonging that has followed me.

In this my 3rd Year at  Chester University and looking forward to working with AA2A to develop creative conversations and sharing of skills with other practicing artists and students in out area.



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