Attila Olah

AA2A artist

Brief description: Sculptor working in ceramics and ice

Location: liverpool

AA2A college:

AA2A Year (eg: 2006-07):

Email: a.olah@rocketmail.com

Website: http://www.attilaolah.co.uk

About me:

I am a Liverpool-based ceramicist-ice sculptor and recent graduate whose practice and research revolves around the vessel, its formal qualities and the rich symbolism surrounding it. My work is made on the potter’s wheel and is predominantly thrown off the hump. Carefully studying the cross section and profile of my pieces, I seek to resolve the relationship between the interior and exterior, while minute differences in curvature, scale, ratio and composition are explored in search of a sense of sculptural presence. I treat the potter’s wheel as a form of proto-typing machine that enables me to make in a semi-automatic and freestyle fashion. I also rely on sketches, photographs and the use of CAD software for the development of my work. My practice increasingly gravitates towards simplicity, both in style and execution, and is informed by an intimate engagement with raw materials and the repetitive process of throwing.


During my AA2A residency I intend to build on my existing research and skills by adopting slip casting as my method of production. I want to combine throwing with a semi-industrial approach of slip casting in order to increase my productivity and enable for consistent high quality results. Using the university facilities as well as the expertise of technicians my more particular aims are to develop a set of small to large scale moulds as well as to formulate a series of glaze recipes for oxidation and glaze firing.

Throughout my residency I endeavor to involve students in all aspects of my research, from the idea development stage, through prototyping, to the final execution. By doing this I hope to give students an insight into some of the processes, technologies and literature that they themselves can dive into in order to inform their own practice and academic research.




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