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Give yourself 10 years to make it, if 10 years after Art College you have not made it as an artist, try something else”


This advice given to Andrew Wilson in a 2nd yr tutorial continues to tickle questions of what making it may mean to the artist, to the individual and to the art world.

Crucially however for Andrew, whose practice relies on play and folly just as much as it does on distinct work and effort, this advice confirmed a sufficient and clear window of time for the young artist to play without worry or desire to confirm any distinct answers.

Having graduated from Newcastle University just over 3 years ago, based on this advice, Andrew supposes he has a more or less 7 year period before making any assumptions as to whether he has made it as an artist (or not).


Much Thanks to Northumbria University and the AA2A programme for their support over the last year.


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