Andre De Jong

AA2A artist

Brief description: Artist working across disciplines

Location: Coventry University

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Email: info@andredejong.com

Website: http://www.andredejong.com

About me:

I am a Birmingham based artist and a Visiting Lecturer with an ongoing interest in moments of crisis and ambiguity.


The premise for the work I am making for the AA2A project comes from my research into the Entablature of Greek Temples of the Doric order where a historical form is quoted (Skeuomorph) in the Triglyph, Dentil, Mutule, etc. and a mythological event is depicted in the Metope; the temple legitimises itself and establishes its empirical authority through some kind of dualism. There seems to be some kind of correlation here with Adorno’s Negative Dialectic also with the Carl Linnaeus’ Binomial Nomenclature and other systems of classification even discursive, esoteric and speculative approaches such as Jorge Luis Borge’s Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.



The project will manifest itself as a type of Cabinet of Curiosities: a collection of undefined or marginal objects built up by eccentric meanderings, experimental assemblages that bring together disparate elements by means alternative categorisations and linkages. It will construct its own non-linear taxonomies as a form of poetry to draw out and link elements in a discursive, but not arbitrary, way to make new connections and set up new discourses.


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