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Website: http://www.cargocollective.com/amylunn

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I am a video artist based in the West Midlands. Many of my works seek to create immersive experiences through the careful use of a formalist aesthetic. These highly structured compositions are combined with a subtext of social, psychological and narrative commentary. The built environment, particularly architectural forms, are my main area of concern, I like to spend time at these sites, exploring facets which may be overlooked by the casual observer.

I am interested in how the city is in a transformative state through the constant process of construction and deconstruction. My works express a tension between beauty and violence, creating seductive yet potentially unsettling experiences. I have recently developed a practice that favors a modernist trope towards structure, grids, abstract lines and shapes.

This opportunity would help me to develop as an artist by testing out ideas and working in an excellent educational facility. I am particularly interested in exploring and filming outside the University in the wider urban environment. I am fascinated by the blend of architectural styles within a city that has been reconstructed a number of times.


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