Amanda Simmons

Previous AA2A artist

Brief description: I will be using the research gained from my residency at North Lands Creative Glass in Caithness to produce a body of work challenging further the making of vessel forms in a kiln.

Location: Dumfries and Galloway

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Email: amanda.simmons@btinternet.com

Telephone: 07777 684546

Website: http://www.amandajsimmons.co.uk

About me:


I make kiln formed and cameo engraved glass vessels. I’m fascinated in the forms created by gravity within the kiln, the vessels becoming more complex as I perfect the slumping method. I’ve worked with glass for the past 9 years, studying Glass & Architecture at Central St Martin’s School of Art & Design in London, before re-locating to Dumfries & Galloway in 2005. I combine these techniques with my interest in making marks in glass with diamond point engraving and a diamond wheel lathe. I’m motivated by many everyday themes such as love, baking and the rugged hills of Dumfries and Galloway, but also draw  on my biomedical sciences past life in the form of toxic botanicals and therapeutic drugs.

Following on from a residency at North Lands Creative Glass in September 2011 I want to research and investigate the nature of slumping through suspended moulds. I started this work around 5 years ago on small and medium scale pieces and more recently making larger pieces for COLLECT 2011. The tall pieces have been a challenge in terms of coldworking but now feel the form is limited in terms of developing my work further.  I propose a series of pieces with a wider diameter that would enable me to create a larger canvas for the cameo engraved designs pre- and post-slump and drive forward what can be achieved with this technique.


                 My aims on the AA2A scheme would be:

·         Create larger scale kilnformed vessels

·         Produce custom made suspended moulds creating different forms

·         Improve coldworking techniques on larger scale work

·         Increase use of cameo engraving on vessels forms

·         Create body of work suitable for high-end contemporary applied art galleries / shows

·         Engage with students at the National Glass Centre and experience teaching in higher education




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