Alexandra Tomlinson

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Location: Derby

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Email: tomoalex@gmail.com

Website: http://www.alexandratomlinson.co.uk

About me:

I am an artist living in Derby. I graduated from Derby University where I studied Fine Art B.A (Hons) in 2010.

In my practice I enjoy focusing on the unpredictable intricacies and emotions that relate to our identity. My work often involves line drawing, photography, moving film and projection: and use of text plays a huge part in my ongoing process. 


My work over the last 4 years has been formulated around the subject of recent knowledge enlightening my personal family history. It involves a realisation of information that opens ones eyes to the complete understanding of what was once believed. Using portraiture I have experimented with the contradictions of who we are, who we were, and what we appear to be. This work has been exploring this concept through drawing/embossing using text, glass sculpture, and light as synthesis and the use of dialogue is the core of the work. The importance of its contradictory nature is imperative.


Showcases of this work have been exhibited at:

  • Derby University 2010 - Markeaton Street Campus
  • Wirksworth Festival 2010 - Newbridge Works
  • Crow Studios as part of 'The Big Draw' - October 2010
  • Park Farm 'Visual Dialogue' exhibition - November 2010
  • 'Gleam' Festival of Light, Derby - November 2010


My work at present is focusing on the difference between how we interpret what we see and what we read. It centres on drawing and text mainly and photographic images of these. My process usually begins with an interest of subject, and through research I travel the road it leads me on, pushing its barriers as I go. As I experiment using different media, photography plays a huge inspirational part and helps me see my work through another's eyes or lens. I find experimentation is my only way of resolving the choice of medium I use; it has to reflect the issue in question.

Having this opportunity to use Derby University’s facilities has opened up paths to experiment with print in my investigation. In addition to this I may also use dark room processing in my photography.


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