Alan Hathaway

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Brief description: 'AA2A Plus' Artist working with Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art's 'Office of Useful Art' and Teesside University

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Email: arhath@hotmail.co.uk

Telephone: 07748 85 85 46

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My AA2A research project with Teesside University and Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art will focus on geodesic structures within the context of usefulness as applied to creative practice.

My interest in pursuing the sculptural potential of geodesic forms has developed through an ongoing series of drawings. The eventual foregrounding of this structure as a principal area of interest for this project underlines the way in which drawing continues to function as a crucial research tool within my practice.


I intend to consider the historic and potential use of geodesic domes as accessible, low cost, democratic building structures and their symbolic appropriation by advocates of counter cultural politics. The project will build on my initial research into the dome project at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 1970, which was the last exhibition held by the Intermedia Group as well as the legacy of the Drop City commune/community based in Colorado during the 1960s


Implicit within the proposal will be an exploration of ways in which these sculptural objects might be made, utilized, placed or function within the public realm and how the methodologies of groups like Intermedia or Drop City might contribute to contemporary practice and debate.


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