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I am an artist who extensively employs text within their work. I am a Gardener, a Poet, a Dreamer.I work extensively with memories our emotional and psychological heritage, exploring the linguistic and visual imagery we use to create and make sense of this. My text based works explore the conflict within ourselves and the world we inhabit. The overall theme is the often subtle, fragile and dynamic boundary between Order and Chaos, Dislocation and Memory.

I use a variety of media and approaches from dust to digital, from paint to pixel. My work sometimes drifts into the Outsider. 

Much of my working life has been spent involved in therapeutic interventions with those who have experienced primary psychological trauma. This often influences my practice as an artist. 

My aim is to further explore the world of print. I have recently fallen under the spell of Letterpress. This is hopefully where the adventure starts.......



Currently showing in the Biennial of Outsider Art - Pallant House Chichester - http://www.outsidein.org.uk/



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