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Email: rebecca.collins@daftcat.co.uk

Website: http://www.beckybendylegs.com

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I'm studying Level 6 of a Fine Art degree part-time at the University of Wolverhampton. Previously, I completed a Foundation Degree in Contemporary Art Practice at Shrewsbury College.

I have exhibited at the Hive, the Flaxmill Maltings, the VAN gallery and Participate Contemporary Artspace in Shrewsbury and Powis Castle near Welshpool.

My main interest is in ideas and stuff. We are surrounded by stuff and we love our stuff. We make stuff and stuff makes us. We cannot live without it. So what does it do for us?

Mostly I draw, paint and observe but I also like to take photos and make video. I write a lot as well: on paper and in my two blogs: www.beckybendylegs.com and www.weirdthoughtsihave.com.

Currently I am fascinated with the idea of repetition. Our lives are dominated by repetition. Every day is a repetition. We curse it, we find comfort in it. Is repetition a positive thing? Can it be negative? Are all artists in some way repeating, repeating themselves and others? www.freerepublicofrepetition.com.



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